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Mac Repair Missoula to Hamilton MT

Tired of your Mac running slow? Wondering why Safari or Chrome are not working right? Or do you just want a consultation visit? We have a large variety services we provide for all Mac’s, iPhone’s and iPad’s.  Mac repair covering Missoula to Hamilton MT and surrounding areas

Why Choose Us?

Our rates are fair and affordable. You also won’t have to pack up your Laptop, PC or Mac with all of the cords. We travel to you with our convenient in-home services. Call today for fast in-home service.  Premium extras only available through Brian’s PC Repair.  All included for no additional cost.

Call Brian’s PC Repair Today at (406) 381-2501.  We serve from Missoula to Hamilton and surrounding areas

Mac Services

  • Mac operating system upgrade
  • iPhone and iPad photo and music transferring
  • Battery replacement
  • Complete Mac cleanup
    • In-home Diagnosis & Clean-up
    • Web browsers
    • Temporary files
    • Unneeded programs
  • Consultations on various topics
    • Replacement needed?
    • How much longer will it last? or should i buy a new one?
    • Should I upgrade my operating system?
    • Why does Chrome or Safari not work like it used to?
  • Easy to understand
    • We can make sense of how some of the Mac problems came to be
    • We can help you avoid them in the future
  • Includes free setup of ad blocking technology
    • Remove tracking plugins and annoying and unsafe Internet ads
  • Includes free walk-through
    • 20 minutes of simple and easy to understand training at your Mac. Where We show you how to keep your Mac protected
    • We can also do training on many other various Mac or PC related items

Missoula Mac Repair


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