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Overall Computer servicing

We have many methods of fully resolving your computer needs, all completed in a professional manner, with your budget and needs in mind. This includes

  • In home servicing with no drive time charge
  • Flexibility in our schedule to accommodate your needs
  • Free brief troubleshooting over the phone as you desire
  • iPhone or Android servicing
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Great quality service


Speed up your computer

We will fully diagnose your computer to determine the root of the issue and remove all bulky programs and hidden content making your computer slow.  This includes the following if you desire

  • Installation of free antivirus that is known to work well and highly rated
  • Removal of excess bulky programs that you do not need or use
  • Removing operating system start up items that are not necessary
  • Fully cleaning your browsers you use
  • Consultation on computer evaluation for the future if necessary
  • Registry cleanup
  • While we are at your house we can work on any other computer based issues as well


Custom built PC’s

We have a great process for getting you a custom gaming PC at a great deal.  We will only charge for labor and will not increase the price of the hardware. Here’s how it works

  • First we will have a consultation with your in person or over the phone (which ever you prefer) reviewing:
    • Your overall price range
    • How you plan on using your PC
    • Specific PC specifications (RAM, Video card, Motherboard)
      • Pro’s and con’s of each item will be reviewed with you


  • Second we will look up multiple options and quotes that best fit your needs
  • Third we get back to you and let you choose what you want
  • Fourth we order the PC and bring it to you and assist in hooking it up
    • PC installation will include transferring files from a old computer as desired
  • Finally we will make sure everything is working as necessary for your computer, programs and external devices
  • While we are at your house we can work on any other computer based issues as well